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Why SIA Underwear?

Dear Costumers,

We love what we do, keep track of trends and put personal attitude in developing each new product from our collection of lingerie. Our lingerie models are trendy and interesting, with comfortable cuts and precise finish. We carefully choose fabrics, laces, threads and accessories so that they are not only beautiful but also enjoyable when wearing and durable in long-term use. The materials are produced in Italy, Greece and Turkey by proven manufacturers.Sewing technology also takes into account the strength and quality of the products. Each lingerie model before being approved for production is tested for durability according to an industry standard approved by the company.

If you adhere to the operating
instructions printed on the label, your SIA UNDERWEAR lingerie will be kept for a long time in a great look. Do not wash more than 30 degrees in a washing machine, do not bleach, dry in a tumble dryer and do not iron! What's more, if you wash by hand or use your laundry's special underwear program, you can enjoy unsuspected long life of the products.
By selecting models from the SIA UNDERWEAR online store, you will receive:
- Luxury lingerie with a great look that matches the published photos and in many cases excels them.
- Elegant underwear with perfect quality that you will use for a long time.
- Lingerie with comfortable cut and real size.
- Friendly and competent service, consultation during selection, availability confirmation.
- Fast delivery and nice packaging of your order.
- Privacy for your personal data and security through bank payment through the site.
- Correctness in case of substitution or return.
Whether you choose a nightgown, a set of lingerie, body, bikini, Brazilian dress, lingerie, socks and slippers, sexy lingerie or accessories, you will feel confident and exquisite every time you wear SIA UNDERWEAR brand products!