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Brazilian Lace, Tulle, Cotton or Microfibre

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We all know that lingerie has existed since women started dressing and has changed over time depending on fashion. In the beginning it was just a belt, for a long time there were so-called "culottes" until the moment when women's fashion developed rapidly and women's underwear acquired more modern, beautiful shapes, which are much more practical in everyday life. The most common modern name for lingerie is bikini, but they have many varieties. With the rise of super models on the catwalks, the curves of Brazilian ladies stand out. Brazilian women have gorgeous shapes and like to emphasize that. Carnivals in Rio de Janeiro are of great interest, not only with beautiful dances, colorful costumes, but also with women who are scantily clad and with a strong focus on the back of their costumes. It is not known exactly how Brazilian bikinis were created as lingerie, but we are sure that they were inspired by long tours of exotic beaches in Brazil, a thorough study of Brazilian fashion and culture and pure admiration for Brazilian women's bodies.



The Brazilian is an extremely comfortable and at the same time sexy proposal and has largely displaced bikinis and thongs from the women's wardrobe. More and more women are discovering the advantages of this model of underwear, the main thing being that in most cases there are no elastics on the back and they are not marked under tight women's clothing. Brasilians are always better than classic bikinis, regardless of the type of material they are made of (lace, elastic cotton, tulle or microfiber, one color or print).
Nowadays, the fashion of lingerie is developing rapidly and every day we can find new, beautiful, sexy models on the market. Brazilians are a real favorite number one among all types of lingerie underwear and we at SIA Underwear can confirm it.

Classic Brazilian with a low waist - this type of Brazilians are one of the favorite underwear models of all our clients. They can be made of cotton, microfiber, lace or even tulle. The cut of the shallow Brazilians in most cases is clean and comfortable, fits well and can be worn under all low-waisted clothes. The classic Brazilian can be sporty and casual or luxurious and sexy. The look of each Brazilian model is determined by the choice of base fabric and accessories.
When the Brazilian is made of lycra or elastic cotton, it is most often with a double back. The lack of elastics on the back makes Brazilians extremely practical for everyday life and promises the absence of marks on clothes.


High-waisted Brazilians - these Brazilians are extremely comfortable and have a great advantage over other models - they are often used to cover and lightly tighten some extra pounds that still stay there.

Often the deep Brazilian is clean because the ladies choose her for tighter clothes. This type of Brazilian underwear can also be made of different fabrics, but the most suitable, especially for shaping underwear is microfiber. In cases where deep bras are used for tight underwear, the back can be single with a fine hem that fits the skin and is not marked.

Brazilian seals - ethereal, gentle and elegant. These Brazilians can be both deep and shallow. They are beautiful, can be easily combined with all clothes, as the fine fabric sticks to the body like a second skin. Tulle Brazilians can have a different cut, be decorated differently, but they are always elegant and sexy.

Luxurious Brazilian lace - an exquisite look for any occasion. This is how we would describe the lacy Brazilians. They can also be of different cut, deep, shallow, in combination with another fabric, but the feeling they bring when we wear them… Well, every lady knows that an idea feels more irresistible with a well-chosen pair of Brazilian lace lingerie .

Brazilian lace bikinis are an elegant addition to any lady's wardrobe and are often easily combined with most bras in the same color.




Brazilian ladies are a top product in the online store for luxury Bulgarian lingerie SIA Underwear, they are established on the market as a familiar item and there is a reason. Our Brazilian models are extremely comfortable, stand irresistibly on any figure and can be easily combined even with tight and highly elastic women's clothing. The uniqueness of Brazilians is that they emphasize the curves of the female body in a beautiful and elegant way, combining the comfort of women's bikinis and the glamor of lingerie.


The variety of patterns, fabrics and combinations allows us to choose the best Brazilian model according to our needs, our preferences and the type of figure. An important condition for this is choosing the right size. Most models are available in standard sizes from S to XXL, but in the online store SIA Underwear you can also order maxi bras in large sizes 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL and we will make them especially for you. In case your sizes do not correspond to any of the standard sizes published in the table on the site, you can also order a Brazilian model in individual size.
The advantage of ordering to your size is that you can choose a favorite cut, rely on consultation, choose high quality fabrics and enjoy quality Bulgarian lingerie made especially for you! The conditions for the production of underwear in large and non-standard sizes are described in the category "LARGE SIZES".

If you have not yet taken advantage of the convenience of Bulgarian Brazilian ladies with the brand SIA Underwear, take a look at our website and you will surely find the right model for you! We are expecting you! Quality and comfort are guaranteed!



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