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Women's socks are a beautiful accessory to clothing, which is often not only part of the outfit and the accent in it. Historically, socks have existed since ancient Greece and Persia, but they were intended for soldiers, they were knitted from wool.

In the Middle Ages there were also wool socks, but over time they began to be made of silk. Colors such as red and light blue were preferred and even modern, and velvet materials included velvet.

In the 16th century, an English priest named William Lee introduced knitted socks into industrial production for the first time. In the 17th century, knitted socks completely replaced silk and velvet socks in the wardrobes of mainly men.

After the Great French Revolution, men gave up socks and they entered the women's wardrobe.

Around the 19th century, a fashion appeared in which women's socks were decorated with embroidery, pearls and beautiful applications.

At that time, women's socks were made mainly of cotton and fildecox and came in a variety of colors. As silk became extremely expensive at that time, women's silk socks were not so popular until artificial silk was created in 1910.

The industry was driven to find a more popular and inexpensive option, and so synthetic fibers were created.

In the 1930s, the American concern DuPont announced that it had created a new material, namely nylon, which became the main material in the production of fine women's socks.

In the early 1960s, Americans first added nylon lycra to women's socks, allowing the skin to breathe.



Women's socks can be extremely diverse, with different colors, fabrics and very interesting decorations. In the past, long socks or even tights were most often used because they mostly wore formal clothes and dresses for special occasions. Nowadays, fashion is a little more practical and comfortable.There are more jeans than dresses in a woman's wardrobe, and shoes are often replaced by sneakers or ballerina shoes. Here we will list the most popular women's socks in modern fashion.



Women's socks - ballerina socks

Cotton women's socks - they are extremely comfortable, clean, cut and allow you to wear more open shoes. These women's socks are often high in cotton because of its hygroscopic properties.

Women's socks have an interesting cut that covers the toes and grips the heel, so the foot is protected, but the upper part of the foot is free and wearing open shoes is easier. Apart from open elegant shoes, this type of women's socks is very preferred for sneakers and running shoes.

Women's ankle socks without elastic - this type of women's socks are of medium length, and the lack of elastic at the ankle makes them a perfect choice for ladies with varicose veins. Women's socks without elastic are made of combed cotton, elastane and polyamide, the reinforced heel is a plus, and the flat seams of the toes contribute to comfort throughout the day. This type of women's socks is available in different colors, the most preferred being black. These women's socks are an inexhaustible inspiration for beautiful and even eccentric decorations. We offer women's socks without elastic at the ankle in black with a large handmade organza ribbon, decorated with a beautiful shiny button for the more daring ladies, we also have a simpler option - satin ribbon with white stone for accent… And our colorful offers bring so good mood and are extremely suitable for the transition period from winter to spring.

Women's tulle socks - an elegant look for sophisticated ladies. Women's tulle socks are a different proposal for completing an elegant or even more eccentric outfit. Women's socks are sewn from fine, elastic polyamide-based tulle that caresses the skin. The sewn socks for women can have a different cut, but ours have a very delicate edge on the back, which predisposes to spectacular decorations. Women's sealing socks are a way of self-expression, a new fashion in which you can say more with an accent from your outfit than with words. In the online store SIA Underwear you will find several varieties of women's tulle socks that are stunning. We offer women's socks made of fine tulle in combination with delicate, elastic lace in the same color, which look amazing with formal high-heeled shoes, as well as seal women's socks with a large satin ribbon as an ankle accent. Model women's socks for women who love colors are those with a print - colorful, delicate and bold, "statement piece" in your wardrobe.

The thing that makes all seal women's socks stand out is that they have no elastics, stand incredibly on every foot and are comfortable because they are light and very elastic.

¾ and 7/8 women's socks are especially preferred on cold winter days, when we want to look different, but also to be warm. Our women's socks up and above the knee are made of high quality combed cotton, have a wide elastic band, reinforced heel and flat toe seams. We offer only black 7 and 7/8 women's socks, but they are not ordinary, but decorated with designer accessories.



Women's socks - 3/4 and 7/8 cotton socks

Choose luxury figured women's socks with satin ribbons, feathers and shiny accessories that will not go unnoticed!




Women's socks can have several applications - to protect the feet, to contribute to greater comfort, for a stunning look or to create special moments. We've all seen movies with sexy scenes, in which we see a close-up of the main character wearing a long lady's sock in a funny shot, and in another scene we see her being taken off with the help of her partner. Well, we leave the creation of special scenes with your participation to you and your imagination.




Women's socks - tulle and lace



We at SIA Underwear hold on to quality and strive to offer our customers only tested products with proven quality. Take a look at the category of women's socks, in which you will find all the beautiful and colorful models we have described to you, and maybe your new, favorite pair of women's socks!


We are expecting you!



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