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Ladies Garter for Socks, Wedding Garters and Ladies Masks for Sleep

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Women's garters have a long and interesting history. At first glance, an elastic band with decorations, lace and ribbons, but in fact the only accessory in the women's wardrobe with its own order. Yes, that's right, there is the Order of the Garter in Britain and only 24 people can be members, one of whom must be the monarch. There are several versions of how the Order of the Garter originated, but only two stand out the most. One is that during a ball a high-ranking lady dropped her garter and the then King Edward III and founder of the order picked it up and teased it so as not to embarrass his favorite with the words "Woe to him who thinks evil!".

The other version, not so romantic, is that during the Crusades Richard I had a vision in which St. George the Victorious tells him to tie garters on the knees of his knights and so they win the battle.

With the exception, however, of the Order of the Garter, the story of the garter itself as an accessory is no less exciting.

After the advent of socks, garters were needed to fasten them and were originally rather leather straps that were below the knee or slightly above it. It is an interesting fact that in the beginning garters were worn by many men to fasten their socks so that they would not fall off.

With time and fashion changes, the garter becomes an important accent in the style of every lady.

It is said that the French are to blame for the appearance of garters as a fashion accessory. The most beautiful garters for socks are made in the French town of Lyon. Some ladies have embroidered on their garters inscriptions such as "There is nothing to look for here" or "My heart is busy." The favorite of King Louis XV decorated her with lace and satin ribbons and imposed the vision we know today.

With the change of fashion and over time, the dresses become shorter and shorter, and the garters go higher and higher - to the middle of the thigh. They become not only a fashion accent, which is necessary to keep the socks in place, but also to ignite the male imagination!




Garters - bridal garters for special moments


In some European countries, it has been a tradition for every unmarried girl to tear off a piece of the bride's dress to make sure she gets married soon. However, this custom did not turn out to be very practical, because the beautiful dress was ruined at the end of the wedding.

It is not known when or where, but an ingenious bride has decided to use her garter as part of the wedding dress and thus preserve her dress. Today, this tradition is slightly modified, as the groom removes the garter from the bride's legs and throws it at the bachelors. He who catches it is considered to be the next to go to the altar.





There are two main types of garters - leg garter and garter belt.


Leg garter - purely decorative, usually placed on one leg. Long lost its original purpose of keeping socks taut, today it is worn as an erotic item of clothing for provocative purposes. The leg garter is 2-3 to about 15 cm wide, is worn just above the middle of the thigh and is a beautiful accessory that we want to see.

There is an extremely wide variety of leg garters - lace, seals, elastic or satin, richly decorated with stones, ribbons and ribbons or clean and simple. The options are endless, but perhaps the most widespread is as a wedding garter. The most preferred color is white or blue, because of another tradition that the bride should have something new, something old, something on loan and something blue on herself on the wedding day. Apart from being a wedding accessory, the leg garter is also used as erotic lingerie. Colors range from pink, cyclamen, black or red, combinations of the two colors are also common.

Garter belt - used as an addition to erotic lingerie or as intended - to keep beautiful silk 7/8 socks. The garter type belt can have an astringent effect, it can only be for decorative purposes such as an elastic band. The garter strap attaches to the waist and has four or more elastic straps that fall at the front and back of the thighs. These straps end with buckles that attach to high socks and thus hold them in place. In fact, most lace stockings are already secured with silicone straps, and in reality garters do not perform their original function.

On the other hand, they are the top finish to every luxury set of sexy lingerie. The design of this type of garter is incredibly diverse and is usually combined with a bra and bikini from the same series of underwear or has a clean look in order to be easily combined with different sets of underwear. The materials used are elastic, fine and caressing the skin. Lace and tulle are some of the most used highlights in the design of garter belts. Depending on the style of each lady, choosing a garter belt can be done easily and with just a few clicks.


Garters - belt garters with amazing design




In the online store SIA Underwear you will find beautiful wedding garters and garters for socks, which you can combine with many bikinis, bras or thongs. For us, creating any garter model is an experience. We see how from a paper cut, the process goes through cutting, sewing and decorating… The path of each model is exciting precisely because we put great desire and attention to detail. We are always happy when we have feedback from satisfied customers. We are grateful when you send us photos from your occasions or weddings and make us empathize with your experiences!


Garters - leg garters


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