Wholesale lingerie

If you own a lingerie store or a stock of lingerie and socks wholesale and would like to offer our products, please contact us. You will get comprehensive information on models, prices, discounts, ways and time for delivery and payment. Depending on your location, mobility and desire, we will find the right way to cooperate:

- to shop from our wholesale lingerie store

 -to contact you with a lingerie distributor in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas or Veliko Tarnovo with which we work

 - to send your order with a courier if you know the products and can order from a distance  

- to visit you on the spot if none of the other options are possible and depending on where you are.

SIA Underwear is a Bulgarian lingerie brand that has been present on the market for over 19 years and is well known to fans of underwear bearing the "Made in Bulgaria" label. Our collection includes women's lingerie models in the following categories: 

  -seals / brazilian, bikini, boxer and trousers /  

-daddy bodysuits everyday and extravagant patterns body

-linen and body-blouse,  

-sketches and boutiques,
-club suits of tulle and lace,  

-Entists, erotic lingerie, sexy bodybuilders 

 -made cotton slippers, men's slippers, seal socks  

-Interesting accessories and accessories: lining, sleeping masks, bra stretchers, wedding garters ....

For years we have been producing ladies' and children's body for ballet, gymnastics and dancing, ballet packs and others for clients of the company in Greece. With interest, all ballet and sportswear can be custom-tailored, with minimal amount of size and color, delivery and delivery times specified for each order. 

 All models are made of high quality fabrics, laces and materials from Italy, Turkey and Greece.  We continuously complement the offer with new proposals. We are looking for feedback from our customers and many of our new models are the result of ideas and inquiries from our partners.

In case you open a new store and you have no experience selling lingerie and socks, we can share our long experience and advise you.  

Our goal is long-term cooperation with mutual interest, not one-off sales! In the face of SIA Underwear you will find a honest and responsible partner who appreciates the trust!


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