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There are different types of lingerie and fashion is changing daily, but recently we are seeing the return of a model of lingerie that triumphed in the early 21st century, namely women's strings. They were so popular, new, interesting and beautiful that even Hollywood celebrities found interesting ways to put them in their outfits and show that they are in step with fashion. Fashion at the time necessarily included low-waisted jeans and thongs with straps that appeared above them. Even Paris Hilton wore her strings like that!


Did you live at all if you didn't own at least one pair of slingshots in your teens? For a long time there was a veto on thong-type bikinis, but here we are again noticing their glamorous appearance and we at SIA Underwear are pleased with this new trend. They say that everything new is well forgotten old, but have thongs ever really come out of our wardrobe? Let's talk a little more about them and enjoy their appearance in our lives, because there is definitely something to say about them!


Strings - elegant look




At first reading we can think of one or two models of sling patterns… and that's right, the cut itself is not so different, but the application is what gives a new meaning to the type of sling.

Women's sexy thongs - lace thongs that are cut and leave a little to the imagination… Yes, those thongs that we buy in order to be looked at and undressed. Sexy thongs are a way to declare self-confidence, elegance, style and of course, seduction. They can be made of tulle, or entirely of lace, often there are even combinations of lace applications on contrasting fabric, which are no less sexy than transparent thongs.

The category of erotic slings includes a whole category of slings with elastics or, as most of you know them, "slings with a ribbon". Most often, these are shallow thongs that have fabric only on the front and back, and the waist is held only on an elastic band, which can often be adjusted for greater comfort. There are models of thongs with a strap that cover only the front and the strap is at the back and at the waist, or so-called "Mercedes".


Casual thongs - this type of underwear is often preferred in natural fabrics such as cotton. Many ladies who go to the gym and like to impress not only with their body, but also with their clothes, rely on cotton thongs, which, apart from having hygroscopic properties, are not marked under their wedges. This is one of the advantages of choosing bikini type thongs in your everyday life - we can wear tighter clothes and be confident that our underwear will not get stuck and leave visible traces under them.


In addition to cotton thongs, lycra thongs also bring convenience to everyday life. They are fine, fit well on the body and can be easily combined with all clothes.


Tightening thongs - often these thongs have a high waist, are made of tight fabric and have a clean cut. Deep thongs are perfect for covering the belly or other imperfections in this area and are not marked under a tight dress because they are cut from the back.

Many young mothers resort to a comfortable and sexy version of the tight underwear, namely tight thongs, shortly after giving birth.

Luxury stringss - there is a special category of thongs that deserve a place on the catwalk. Luxury thongs are not as practical as beautiful. There are models that are decorated with jewelry, stones, crystals, some are even boutique thongs. This lingerie is for more extravagant ladies who like to make an impression and cannot be appreciated by everyone.


Strings - lace elements




To be honest, there are no more comfortable string than custom string!

We at SIA Underwear make strings models in small and large sizes from XS to 6XL. Everyone knows that the right size of underwear is the main factor to make it comfortable.


Strings - high waist


In order to wear thongs, they must be tailored to you so that they do not get stuck or look under your clothes. We offer you Bulgarian strings with high quality and precise workmanship, made especially for you!


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