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We all have special occasions for which we want to do something different, wear formal clothes and visit an event or place. There are also moments that we want to share only with a loved one, a glass of champagne and luxurious sexy lingerie. Women's sexy lingerie is a special category of lingerie. It brings emotions and experiences, creates an atmosphere, provokes a reaction in the eyes of the partner when he first sees us in him. Sexy lingerie enhances the confidence and self-confidence of every woman and emphasizes her uniqueness. Sexy lingerie is a must when we want to surprise a loved one or a gift to ourselves. Well-chosen sexy lingerie is an expression of desire, dedication and emotion that we share with our partner. Women's sexy lingerie is a way to say thousands of things without using words. When choosing sexy lingerie, we need to focus on the effect we are looking for.



Women's sexy lingerie - unique surprise




There are different types of women's sexy lingerie, but the proven favorites regarding the division by color in this category are three preferred colors that are associated with eroticism and sex appeal, namely black, red and pink. In psychology it has been proven that men react to the color red, it is provocative, often associated with passion, energy, strength, sex appeal. Red women's sexy lingerie is preferred because only at first glance there is a hint of the upcoming moments, in addition, the red color is chosen for the holiday - New Year and Valentine's Day are the holidays where we can see the windows in red erotic lingerie.

Black is also a favorite of ladies, it is no coincidence that there is an expression in fashion that reads "When in doubt, wear black!", For women's sexy lingerie is in full force. Black sexy lingerie looks more luxurious, sophisticated and elegant. Lace often predominates.

Combinations of two or more colors are not uncommon in the fashion of sexy lingerie, but perhaps the most famous are black and red or black and pink / cyclamen. Satin ribbons, curls, elastics, latex, transparent details and lace accents are almost always present in the design of women's sexy lingerie.

It is important to focus on sexy women's lingerie, suitable for our structure. In addition to the cut, it is important to choose the color - what message do we want to give our partner? And last but not least, it is good to make sure that we feel comfortable in our chosen erotic lingerie, because there is no more beautiful woman than the confident one! There are many types of women's sexy lingerie, but it is important to choose the most appropriate model for our figure and style:

Erotic body - this type of sexy lingerie does not leave much to the imagination. In most cases it is made of lace, transparent tulle and many elastics, complemented by provocative accents. Sexy body lingerie is suitable for confident ladies who want to attract men's attention to themselves.

Sexy nightgown - women's sexy lingerie, suitable for any type of female figure. Neat sexy nightgowns are a good choice. In most cases, they emphasize the bust, often have thin straps or decorations on the straps, which takes away from the width of the shoulders, are narrower at the waist, and down cut and create a beautiful illusion. Erotic nightgowns can be ethereal or provocative, in many cases seals or with lace accents, fall freely around the body or are made of elastic black latex that fits snugly. In any case, they look amazing and the easier they are to take off, the more they are preferred by gentlemen.

Garters - whether for silicone socks or just for the foot, garters complement the erotic look of any type and model of sexy lingerie. There is no woman who does not look irresistible with the right type of garter belt. Garters are perfect to accentuate the waist and hips. They emphasize the lavish shapes, but also cover very well the places where we are not sure. The good thing about complementing your look with a garter is that no matter what sexy lingerie you choose, you can just stay on it. The effect will be WOW!

Set of sexy lingerie - can consist of various elements - nightgown and thongs, bustier and bikini without a bottom or a set made entirely of rubber bands. In our opinion, women who do not have a pronounced waist could take advantage of these models of sexy lingerie. Kits divided into two parts are always a good choice to distract from areas we are unsure of. Choosing women's sexy lingerie in two parts will catch the eyes of your loved one exactly where we want them to be.

Accessories - each set of sexy lingerie can be complemented by many accents that provoke the erotic imagination of the partner: lace gloves, satin or elastic handcuffs, blindfolds, lace or satin sleeping mask, chokers, leather whips and belts ... ..To enhance your feelings, you can turn on your imagination and destroy your prejudices by choosing bold and unusual sexy lingerie!


Women's sexy lingerie - red hot set




Sexy lingerie is one of the most suitable gift ideas for a beloved woman that carries a clear message. You can give it as a gift for a birthday, Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Christmas ... or any time you want to express your commitment to your lady. Whenever you stop at sexy lingerie as a gift, you will show the woman that she is liked, loved and desired. Except for special occasions, when we want to diversify our daily lives, to reward ourselves or our partner with something different, women's sexy lingerie is a good solution for breaking the gray everyday life and gaining new emotions.

Women s sexy lingerie - a great gift


If after reading this article you have decided to give yourself or a loved one sexy lingerie, visit the online store SIA Underwear, contact us! We will help you choose the most suitable model of sexy lingerie! We are expecting you!



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