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Women's bikinis are the most preferred model of lingerie of all underwear. From an early age to a woman's mature years, panties are always the right choice. Of course, over time, their fashion and style change, but bikinis remain one of the most comfortable bottoms, because in addition to being worn at any age, they are also a universal model of underwear that can be easily combined with anything. They are practical and always look good if you choose the right size. Women's bikinis can be made only of cotton, elastic cotton, lycra, tulle, only lace or a combination of several fabrics. In this article we will pay attention to the different types of women's bikinis, how to choose the right tops for us and which design is best suited to our needs.




Women's bikinis can be divided into several main categories depending on the main fabric from which they are made:


Cotton bikinis - they are the most common and most sought after. Cotton bikinis can be low waist, high waist, clean, sporty, with elastane and in combination with soft lace, but they are always comfortable and practical. Women's bikinis made of natural materials are the first lingerie that a little girl has and, of course, the most comfortable, and over the years, regardless of the change in style, every lady has at least a few pairs. Cotton bikinis are one of the most sought after items in the summer because their hygroscopic properties are wonderful on hot days. For the same reason, cotton bikinis are preferred for sports and training. The comfort they bring with them is guaranteed and that is why they are so popular with all women. The elastic cotton bikinis are extremely practical - they can be worn every season, they are comfortable, fit the body and look great under clothes.


Microfiber bikinis - always comfortable, can be made of fine and highly elastic microfiber and worn under ethereal clothes even on warmer days, and can be made of tight and dense lycra and designed for underwear with a firming effect and therefore to be worn under more descriptive clothing. Lycra bikinis are a great solution for ladies who love classics and luxury.


Bikini seals - lingerie for women with confidence. Bikini seals are extremely comfortable, very elastic, fit the body like a second skin, and at the same time are transparent and sexy! Of course, for this to apply, tulle must be polyamide-based and high in elastane.


Lace bikinis - we would choose them for a special occasion! Lace lingerie always creates a special mood and makes us feel sexier, that's why we choose it for intimate moments when we not only want to feel good in our skin, but also to be noticed!


Regardless of the choice of the basic material, quality bikinis should be with a cotton hygienic piece and clear recommendations for use.



Women's bikini - tulle and lace elements



Depending on a woman's style and the occasion on which she will wear them, bikinis can be divided into several categories:


Casual bikinis - often cotton, with a comfortable cut, emphasizing the curves. This type of bikini is practical, you can wear them in all seasons. They can be monochromatic, combined with lace or in a delicate floral print. They can be combined with all women's clothes and the leading factor in their choice is comfort.

Sports bikinis - obligatory with a clean cut and without many ornaments, because we often wear them under leggings that describe the body. Usually sports models have wide tight elastics and a clean line.

Tight bikinis - often have a lot of cuts that help sculpt the figure in the most pronounced areas, they have a high waist. This bikini model is always in the main colors - body and black. They go well with clothes on the body.


Sexy bikinis have the most diverse look. They are designed not so much for convenience as to enjoy how they stand and what they show! Quite often erotic bikinis are in bright, provocative colors such as black, red, cyclamen, pink .. In the design of sexy bikinis there are many lace, satin, tulle, shiny accents, ties or cuts that do not leave much to the imagination.
Luxury bikinis - all of the above types can be such. We mark them as a separate category, because it is good to know that the luxury lies in well-chosen underwear, the one that has the right cut for your physique, the right size, high quality materials, attention to detail and perfect execution!


Women's bikinis can be divided according to the depth of the model. Depending on the model of clothes we wear, bikinis can be shallow or deep. In case we wear shallow pants, we should choose a low-waisted bikini. If the garment is high-waisted, the bikini should also be high-waisted.



Women's bikini - cotton bikini



If you like to shop online, you may have ordered the size you wear and get a smaller bikini or a much larger one. We have a few tips to follow to get the size you want and stay happy.


Before finalizing your order, review the size chart! This is the most important condition to find the size you want. Many companies work with the same sizes S, M, L, XL ...., but different lingerie manufacturers have different dimensions behind these sizes. For best results, arm yourself with a sewing meter, take a sheet of paper and a pen, and if possible stand in front of a mirror. Chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference are described in all size charts. To choose the perfect size for your bikini, you will need the last two. Measure your waist without tightening too much and record the size, repeat the procedure with the circumference of the hips. Once you have these two important starting points, you can compare your measures with those in the table of your chosen online store.


Fabric selection - it is very important to be informed what kind of bikini you liked and plan to buy. Apart from the fact that the composition is extremely important for convenience, it is also necessary to choose the right size. Even if we have the measurement data and we have found the exact size for us, it is good to make sure how elastic the bikinis we have chosen are.


If the panties are photographed on a mannequin, there is often a description on the side with the height and size of the mannequin and what size. This way you can make another check if you have chosen the right bikini size for you, comparing with the table.

In case you have difficulty or are hesitant between two sizes of your chosen bikini, it is good to look for a chat or phone to call for clarification.


Women's bikini - high waist lace bikini


In the online store SIA Underwear we offer many models of women's bikinis in high quality in sizes from S to 6XL. Choose your model and order online or by phone!



Types of bikini according to matter 
Types of bikini according to the purpose 
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