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Lingerie is one of the most important parts of every woman's wardrobe, and we at SIA Underwear say: "The day starts and ends with lingerie!". It is invariably present in our daily lives and is in fact with us all the time, whether we are at work, at home or on holiday. We believe that every woman builds an image by defining her lingerie for the day by choosing what social role to play in society on a given day - for example sports lingerie, choosing cotton bikinis for training or hiking, sexy lingerie if she chooses red lace thongs and get into the image of a seductress or prefer functional lingerie such as against rubbing the thighs or to tighten and shape problem areas and just enjoy the comfort.



Women's underwear - elegant lace brazilians



The history of lingerie has undergone great development, as each era has led to a real metamorphosis in its appearance. For the beginning of the story we can take the fig leaf described in the Garden of Eden. Cloths and leather belts from antiquity have given way over the centuries to the huge volume of lingerie from the Middle Ages, which covers a much larger part of women's bodies than today's women's outerwear. Of course, it has changed over the years, but the big change began in the early 19th century, when gradually all the linings, shirts, corsets and "culottes" were reduced to bras and bikinis made of luxury satin fabrics.


Nowadays, the variety of lingerie models is infinitely large and continues to change constantly. Only 20-30 years ago, lingerie was available in several basic colors - white, beige and black and rarely dark blue and red. In our time, new technologies, fabrics, colors and patterns are constantly appearing in search of meeting the growing expectations and needs of customers. The fabrics are now very elastic, caressing the skin of the body, lace more and more beautiful and challenging. On the market you can see amazing offers in the category of lingerie such as bold combinations of printed fabrics combined with many laces, elastics, stones and accessories.



Women's underwear - elegant top with lace and tulle



Hidden under clothes and invisible to others, quality lingerie is an inexhaustible source of confidence and charm for every modern woman. Underwear is with us throughout the day and the appropriate choice of model / set of underwear, body or just the bottom is key to our self-confidence and comfort. The quality of lingerie is determined by several main features:


-modern design with seasonal shapes, colors and patterns


-quality materials and accessories


-comfortable cut and real size


-precise execution


Lingerie should be not only beautiful and sexy, but also gentle and safe for our skin and body, if possible from natural fabrics dyed with harmless dyes.


The best lingerie is what creates the feeling that we are without underwear. This means that the fabric is of high quality, the cut and execution are at the required level and we have stopped at the right size.

Women's underwear - a great variety



SIA Underwear is a Bulgarian brand for luxury lingerie of high quality. For us, the needs of our customers come first. The brand's collections include:


- lace lingerie


-cotton lingerie


- women's tulle underwear


-variety of women's bikinis, bras, boxers and thongs


-women's underwear and blouses


-shirts and corsages


-sexy lingerie


-bustiers and garters


-suppings and accessories

SIA Underwear lingerie has been on the Bulgarian market for more than 20 years. The models from the lingerie collection stand out with a luxurious look and quality workmanship with attention concentrated in the details. The team of the brand invests daily efforts in the lingerie that it produces to be comfortable, beautiful and unique not only in appearance, but also in durability when worn. The approval process of each new lingerie model before it is implemented for production is slow and includes samples and adjustments in technology and design to achieve the optimal option, and each step is performed with a great deal of desire and creativity. The path of lingerie as it reaches you, our customers, is long. For each model of luxury lingerie we, the team of SIA Underwear strive to choose the most appropriate and quality fabrics and auxiliary materials, try different combinations and only if we are really happy with the end result, it reaches you.


Our all-female team is aware of the difficulties in finding the right lingerie that is comfortable, beautiful, provocative and sexy. Choosing the right model and size of lingerie can affect comfort and mood or vice versa. If the new lingerie you bought recently turned out to be not elastic enough and you are actually small, but you are still tempted to wear it under elegant clothes for a formal occasion, the result will be that you will feel anxious during the event. and convenient instead of having fun. Then you will surely dream of the gentle touch of lingerie from your favorite brand with proven quality, with which you feel so comfortable that you do not feel it at all.


New in the company's production portfolio are orders for maxi lingerie in standard large sizes 4XL 5XL to 6XL, described in the Size chart published on the company's online store. The privilege of being a manufacturer is that we can sew almost any model in a size set by the customer according to his personal data. Designing and sewing lingerie to individual sizes is a challenge that we have been successfully dealing with in the last year.



Women's underwear - lace bikini with tulle elements

In the online store for Bulgarian lingerie SIA Underwear you will find quality products suitable for special or everyday occasions, sexy lingerie for a gift to a loved one, perfect service with adequate advice when choosing products, security of the highest level when paying by card and nice packaging.


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