Date: 2021-09-16

Every woman with curves experiences difficulties on warm days. The weather is getting warmer, the clothes are shorter and airy, and the kilos we keep promising to lose are still there… But that shouldn't stop us from wearing our favorite summer clothes! We at SIA Underwear are thinking about that too!

      We make our clients feel comfortable wearing luxury lingerie made of specially selected high-quality materials, and when something bothers them, it affects their self-esteem.

Therefore, after extensive research, we decided to make a series of underwear against abrasion of the thighs, which is comfortable, elegant and even serves as a lining!

       We have created several variants of anti-abrasion wedge with different functions:

Fully lacy anti-abrasion wedge with a light tightening effect. This model has a medium high waist, beautiful design and short legs. It can be worn under light clothes, and can be used in more formal cases when we wear tight-fitting dresses. The lace has a beautiful design, and the leggings are available only in champagne color - because it is close to body color, but it is also summery, gentle and suitable for any ethereal garment. What is specific about this model is that it is made of only a few stitches, because the entire width of the lace is used, the seams are flat, reinforced, and the silicone waistband makes the model extremely comfortable. It can also be worn under a wedding dress!

Anti-abrasion wedge made of fine and highly elastic microfiber with lace on the legs and waist. This model is available in two lengths and two colors - black and champagne.

The lengths are tailored to the needs of the ladies - up to the middle of the thigh, for shorter skirts or dresses, and some use it to lengthen too short pants;

the second length is just above the knee - for longer dresses.

These two models also have flat and reinforced seams and a silicone waist strap that prevents lowering.

The cut here has a very high waist, the thin microfiber makes the wedge extremely comfortable and resembling a second skin.

The third version of the wedge lining against rubbing the thighs is made of soft, elastic tulle and with beautiful and elastic lace on the legs. The cut has a high waist, the length of the wedge is to the middle of the thighs, and comfort is guaranteed because tulle is extremely soft, fine and fits perfectly on the skin.

Our latest addition and absolute Best seller are the thigh straps. Imagine a sexy look, cool summer and dresses, lots of dresses!

Apart from being extremely comfortable, the lace ribbons are also quite beautiful! They are made of delicate, highly elastic lace with a beautiful floral design in three colors - black, body and white. The ribbons have a light conical shape to fit perfectly on the upper part of the thigh, in the upper and lower part of the lace there is a silicone strip with a width of 1 cm, which allows it to adhere to the skin.

     And we must admit that the male part is quite pleased with the sight of lace, which gently embraces the skin and stays irresistible!