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In her daily life, every woman chooses comfort, and what is more comfortable than women's leggings? Women's leggings are a must in every wardrobe, because there are so many options to combine ... and they are all spectacular!

Depending on the style and lifestyle, every woman can make the most appropriate choice of women's leggings, and we will tell you a little more about them. How and why does a woman choose her women's wedge? What makes women's leggings a favorite garment of many women?

Women's leggings go to everyone, are available in many colors and sizes, and combined with the right clothes are extremely suitable for any occasion! Nowadays, social networks flood us with photos of celebrities from different places, we can see our favorite stars in different outfits and situations. It is becoming more and more common to see a famous actress or supermodel on Fifth Avenue with heels, a sports leggings and a shirt.

Yes, fashion today provokes and allows the brave to mix different styles, improvise and take risks.

We see how favorite celebrities, known for their style, turn the fashion world 180 degrees and rely on comfort. Whether on the red carpet, in a restaurant, shopping or at the airport, we witness the exploitation of women's leggings as if it were our favorite black garment in the wardrobe. comfortable and sexy!

Women's leggings - different types

Women's leggings - different types



Women's leggings are a vast universe in the world of fashion. There are hundreds of varieties, patterns, colors and patterns. When choosing a wedge model for yourself, we must choose from several basic types:

-Sports women's leggings - suitable for a walk in the park, for training, travel and any free time in which we want to wear something comfortable and non-committal. Sports leggings are usually made of breathable fabrics with high elasticity and astringent effect. The colors are bright and bold. The women's sports leggings can be worn in the gym as sportswear, combined only with a bustier, because it emphasizes the curves, visually reduces the waist and is comfortable for training. It is preferred by ladies who often visit a gym or other type of sports ground, because the women's sports leggings look great and sculpt the body!

- Casual women's leggings - comfortable, can be short, and just stick under the tunic, or be long and wear them like pants on the body. Women's casual leggings go well with T-shirts, tank tops and tunics or sweaters in the winter and are a wonderful base for any outfit.

There are cotton women's leggings or those made of lycra, which are suitable for the mid-seasons, but there are also thick, carded women's leggings, which are perfect for cold winter days!

-Elegant women's leggings - beautiful and stylish, can be part of even the business attire of administrative employees with special requirements for the seriousness of the vision. Elegant leggings often have a black color and leather effect or with decorative cuts. They are made of thick luxury fabrics that fit perfectly on the body and shape it. These women's leggings are the focus of a lady's outfit, not just an addition. The elegant women's leggings are a necessity in the wardrobe, which can get us out of an unforeseen situation and even look formal. Imagine that you are invited to a party at the last minute, but you do not know what to wear, something formal or more everyday to bet? … Well, we have a ready answer - elegant women's black leggings with leather effect, interesting tank top and jacket, combined with simple but beautiful jewelry and you can even have tied hair and Voila! You have a complete vision in no time with minimal effort! It's worth having one on hand!

- Women's leggings against rubbing the thighs - these women's wedges are absolutely mandatory for larger ladies in the summer! Women's anti-abrasion wedges are sewn from highly elastic and light fabrics that protect the inner part of the thighs from abrasion.

So far, we have only listed the types of leggings, not to mention the design, cut and depth, and this is an important part of choosing the right women's leggings!

-Women's high-waisted leggings- each of the above types of leggings can be up to the waist. In addition to a loose tunic or shirt, the women's high-waisted leggings can be successfully combined with a cropped blouse or tank top, or even an upper body. The women's legging with a high waist emphasizes the body and visually lengthens the legs!

On the other hand, women's high-waisted leggings are preferred by women who want to tighten their tummy, often women after childbirth choose just such a wedge for the first weeks after birth.

-Women's leggings with medium or low waist- are preferred by women with narrower hips and less pronounced waist.

-Women's leggings with different cuts - the design of each wedge is not only complex architecture, but also self-expression. Women's leggings with different cuts are beautiful, interesting and often more attractive ladies stop at this choice. When we choose this type of women's wedge, we want it to be the center around which we will build our vision! Women's leggings with cuts at the back shape and even lift the buttocks extremely well, there are also those that emphasize the legs and shape them even better.

How to wear women's leggings depends entirely on how comfortable we feel and how we like it! Many women prefer high-waisted women's leggings to cover the abdomen and sculpt their body, others choose women's leggings with different cuts and colors, which draw attention to parts of the body. And it's great, there are as many different women's leggings as there are different shapes, opinions and tastes!

Women's leggings - leggings for sports

Women's leggings - leggings for sports



The women's leggings with the SIA Underwear brand are for the connoisseurs of high quality and comfort. The women's leggings we offer are made of high quality Italian fabrics on a polyamide base and with a high content of elastane, their cut is beautiful, comfortable, and the execution is with flat seams for maximum comfort. In the online store SIA Underwater you will find quality women's leggings in sizes from S to 6XL, with which you will always look good and feel perfect!

Women's leggings - for winter

Women's leggings - perfect choice for the winter

Women's leggings- the new classics in clothes
Types of women's leggings
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