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Bedding has always been present in women's wardrobes, but over the years it has changed to what we know today as women's pajamas. The truth is that women's pajamas are so comfortable and we are used to them that we use them not only as bedding, but also as home clothes.

The word "pajamas" comes from the Indian word "piejamah". This was the name of the long men's trousers that were tied at the waist. The British colonists decided that this outfit would be very comfortable for bed linen for an afternoon nap. After finding out how comfortable this new dress was, they started sleeping with it at night, so the pajamas replaced the long white shirt that everyone wore.

Apart from the Indians, the Turks and the Iranians were also among the first to wear pajamas.

The men's pajamas were wide, straight trousers with waist ties and a top with buttons and a light collar. The women's pajamas were looser, and the underpants were fastened at the ankles with ribbons or laces.

Women's pajamas entered Europe during the First World War. Apart from sleeping, women's pajamas were also used for home sets and walking at home. And shortly after that it became fashionable to wear women's pajamas on the beach - it was made of ethereal fabrics such as satin, chiffon or silk

It is said that it was Coco Chanel who imposed the fashion of women's pajamas from the top and bottom with pants. At first it was not accepted because by the standards of the time it did not look very feminine. After the appearance of several actresses in blockbusters in Hollywood with women's pajamas made of satin and silk, there is an unprecedented interest. The first actress to be photographed in such a scene was Claudette Colbert in silk pajamas. She is followed by other famous names such as Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, these brave ladies are innovators and change perceptions of sex appeal and femininity. It is the free and clean cut that women's pajamas make every lady feel comfortable in her skin, and there is no more beautiful woman than the confident one!


There are thousands of varieties and designs of women's pajamas, but we will consider only the main ones, which you can find on our website.


Women's pajama - cotton set with cute print


Women's tulle pajamas - this type of women's pajamas is more provocative and is for ladies who do not mind showing a little more flesh at home. Women's tulle pajamas can be in two or three parts. Often this type of women's pajamas is made of a clean upper part like a tank top with thin straps, long pants and an upper part like a bathrobe or cloak.

Women's pajamas made of 100% cotton. Most often preferred for summer, this type of women's pajamas is comfortable and a favorite of many women. It can be made of two parts - shorts and top or long pants and top. In any case, this type of women's pajamas are loose, comfortable and perfect for warm days.

Women's pajamas are the perfect choice for summer. Cotton is a natural fabric that is extremely suitable for women's pajamas, caresses the skin and has hygroscopic properties. Women's summer pajamas are often in two parts - short shorts and a tank top with thin straps or a T-shirt. It can be in brighter and fresher colors or even with prints.

Women's winter pajamas made of cotton are extremely comfortable and practical. It is comfortable because due to the lack of elasticity, this women's pajamas have a free cut, but it is practical because many ladies use it as a set for the home. Women's winter pajamas can also be in many combinations, but the most preferred are long pants and a long-sleeved blouse, long pants and a blouse with 7/8 sleeves or women's pajamas of 3 parts such as long pants, tank top or T-shirt and top, which is a type of cloak or robe with long sleeves and tie.

Women's pajamas made of elastic cotton - unlike women's pajamas made of 100% cotton, this type of bed linen is guaranteed to last longer. With inelastic pants, knees can often form, stretch and relax, but with elastane cotton, this is almost impossible. In general, elastic cotton is more preferred because of its properties.

The women's pajamas made of elastic cotton envelop the body in its curves, at the same time it falls heavily and looks beautiful. The comfort of women's pajamas made of elastic cotton is indescribable, allows freedom of movement and caresses the skin.


Women's pajama - elegant set from three parts

The women's pajama set is a must have in every woman's wardrobe, not only because it is perfect for bedding, but it is also comfortable for everyday use. In the days when it originated, it was worn only for its intended purpose, but today, when we have to spend more time at home, it is the best option for clothes at home. Nowadays, more than half of the world works remotely and based on this every lady relies on the comfort of home clothes, and what could be more comfortable than women's pajamas.


Thanks to the various designs, fabrics, patterns and large supply on the market, every woman can choose women's pajamas depending on their needs, preferences and tastes. Women's pajamas have become so ingrained in our daily lives that when we hold an online meeting we don't even think about what to wear, because women's pajamas are no longer just bed linen, but an expression of personal style. There are women's pajamas with prints, clean women's pajamas, elegant women's pajama sets in 3 parts for more relaxed or business ladies. The variety we have at a click away is huge and it depends on us which style we choose.

The application of women's pajamas depends entirely on us, but it is not limited to its original purpose to be bed linen. Most sets of women's pajamas are also applicable as home clothes.


Women's pajama - satin set with elegant print




On our site you will find a variety of colors in the category Women's pajamas, because we know how important it is for a woman to feel good at home. In case you do not find the right size for you, you can always contact us and make your unique women's pajamas to order! Do not hesitate, contact us on the phones provided or come to our office in Sofia, zh.k. Lyulin Center bl.778 to choose a color and model, and we will take your sizes and produce women's pajamas especially for you!


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