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In her daily life, every lady wears a women's blouse on different occasions. According to the style of each woman and her preferences we can find all sorts of combinations, colors and patterns.

Women's blouse is not just clothing, but a way of self-expression. Depending on what impression a woman wants to create for herself, she can choose a different style of women's blouse. The season is also important, there are thin women's blouses with short sleeves, there are thicker ones with long sleeves… And there are also women's blouses that are worth wearing on occasions, regardless of the weather outside. In this article we will look in a little more detail at the different types of women's blouses and their application.


Women's blouse - elegant look for every day




Depending on the style and occasion, every woman can find several types of blouses in her wardrobe for sure and these are sports women's blouse, elegant women's blouse, casual women's blouse, women's polo blouse, formal women's blouse and of course women's blouse with long or short sleeve.

Women's sports blouse - very often made of elastic cotton or lycra. In most cases, this type of women's blouses have a fitted silhouette, the cut is clean and on the body, the neckline is not large. Sports blouses are designed specifically for athletes, but they are often used in our daily lives. They are comfortable, fit like a second skin and are always the perfect choice for a walk in the park or the mountains, for sports or just for staying at home.

Casual women's blouse - always comfortable, with a different design and cut. We prefer this type of women's blouse for every day, we combine it with different clothes - jeans, pants or skirts. The casual women's blouse is a good choice for any outfit and for any occasion. It can be with a collar, with a sharp or round neckline, with buttons, one color or printed ... Depending on the season, the women's blouse can be long-sleeved, ¾-sleeved or short-sleeved. The variety in this women's clothing is really endless.

Women's blouse with polo collar - we separate it into a separate category, because not every lady likes to wear it. It is preferred during the cold months. The women's blouse with polo collar is comfortable, beautiful and elegant. It can be semi-polo or double polo. This type of women's blouse is often worn under a thin sleeveless dress in winter - it refreshes the look of the dress and contributes to body warmth. An exception is the sleeveless polo blouse, which is suitable for every season and fits equally well under a jacket or vest, and as an elegant summer blouse.

Formal women's blouse - we wear it on special occasions or if our work requires it. This type of women's blouses are more elegant, often made of finer fabrics such as tulle, lace, chiffon, satin and others. The formal women's blouse is beautiful in itself and when we wear it it makes us feel more sophisticated, caresses our self-confidence and improves our mood.


Women's blouse - elegant polo with long sleeves




The women's blouse is a must-have item in every woman's wardrobe, but do we know how to choose the right style and cut for our physique?

There are many varieties of women's blouses, there are different models, cuts, all sorts of combinations and a huge selection on the market, and to choose just one blouse, from all the abundance would be impossible, especially if we do not know what we are looking for. We will offer you several criteria for looking for a women's blouse.

Why do you want a new women's blouse? For a special occasion or everyday? Yes, it does matter, as we described above. If you are looking for a casual women's blouse, you will want to choose a model that can be easily combined with most of your clothes, maybe a neutral color would be an even better choice. In addition to color, it is important to be comfortable. For a special occasion, we would recommend coordinating the choice with another accessory - bag, shoes, maybe even jewelry. When choosing a women's blouse for an occasion, we often rely on it to be the focus around which we will build our overall look.

Matter! This is one of the key factors around which we need to build our strategy for shopping for new women's clothing. Depending on the season for which we are looking for a new women's blouse, it is good to consider the appropriate material. It is good for the women's blouse to be made of natural fabrics or high quality ones, cotton is a good choice. If we want something more active, we can bet on microfiber. It is always good to look at the label and composition of the product we want to put in our wardrobe. And not only because it is fashionable to choose environmentally friendly materials, but also because we often forget that the skin is the largest respiratory organ and it is good to we think about what we put closest to it. If we choose microfiber, it is good to be at least polyamide based!

Cut! The cut is an important factor when choosing a new women's blouse! We need to know our body well and know which cut emphasizes our curves and which is not so good for us. If you are hesitant about what type you are and what clothes would suit your figure, you can look on the Internet, there are articles that will help you learn more about how to build your style, based on which clothes look good of the given type of figure.

Here we need to note that the modern for the season is not always the most suitable for everyone. If you have hesitations, bet on a classic look and cut, they are ALWAYS possible!

Quality is especially important when choosing a new women's blouse and clothing in general. It is good to look at the overall look, the fabric, the cut, the sewing, how it looks and how you feel dressed in it. Yes, in order to get a quality women's blouse, you often have to pay an idea for a higher price than you would like, but we have all heard the expression "Cheap is always more expensive!". Everyone has at least one garment or women's blouse that they bought because it was a "bargain", but after one or two wears it is no longer the same and we had to look for a new replacement again… When we choose the quality, it goes with a little higher price, but it pays off in time, because we know that we have a women's blouse in our wardrobe, which looks good, fits us well and is healthy!

In the online store SIA Underwear you can order women's blouses in large sizes 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and 6XL. The right size is very important! In cases when we can't try the women's blouse we have chosen, it is good to make sure that we have chosen the right size. In the SIA Underwear online store you will easily find a size chart on the right of the photo of the model you have chosen or by dragging the mouse to the bottom of the home page and looking for a page called "size chart". We produce our models based on the table provided on the site. You can call and ask for additional guidance before finalizing your order!


Women's blouse - lace sleeves and cotton


It is important for us that the customers of SIA Underwear are satisfied and that they wear the chosen models with pleasure!

Properly selected size of your women's blouses or underwear will prolong their life and will add a smile to your face every time you wear them!



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