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Since the dawn of humanity, what has set humans apart from other mammals is the presence of a value system, social morality, and an endless pursuit of aesthetics. Clothes have emerged as a necessary means of protecting the body from atmospheric conditions or from mechanical injuries while performing daily activities related to survival. Artefacts have been found about how people lived in the different eras of their development, what tools they used, what clothes they had and what accessories they were accompanied with. From leather belts made from the skins of animals hunted for sustenance to today's fashionable clothing made from innovative synthetic fabrics, humans have always been creative, inventive and adaptable to the conditions in which they lived, constantly perfected the way of making their clothes, as well as the materials from which they created them. Combining the right clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories over time has become a means of self-expression, revealing individuality or belonging to a certain community and of course, fashion.


Over the centuries, the fashion in clothes underwent a huge development, and on the way of changes, unfortunately, it also took its victims. An interesting fact about the "victims of fashion" is that with the appearance of new colors such as green, for example, everyone wanted to have clothes in this unprecedented clothing until now color, but no one knew that wearing the modern clothes leads to death. As arsenic was used in large quantities to dye an entire dress or make decorative flowers on hats and clothes, people wearing the fashionable green died mysteriously until a doctor set out to investigate the mystery surrounding the "fashion victims" and discovered that in a hat decorated with green flowers has arsenic that can kill 20 people. The other fashion killer was mercury - the wearing of fur coats, hats and accessories was fashionable, but the leather was treated with mercury in particularly large quantities, which again claimed many victims of fashion. The ladies' corsets that women wore during the Middle Ages led to many health problems and also took their toll.
Nowadays, only someone who is inappropriately dressed can become a "fashion victim". We don't have to "blindly" follow fashion trends and currents to look good. In addition to being fashionable, the garment must be tailored to the woman's body type, be in colors suitable for the skin tone, have a perfect cut and be made of quality material. With well-chosen clothes for our figure, we can model our body and cover up a tray that we don't like in ourselves or emphasize the advantages of our body.
Today, clothes are a way to declare ourselves, to express an opinion, a position and even fit into a community or show individuality, clothes allow us to stand out or blend in, play the social role we have chosen. Women's clothes are every lady's superpower, as long as she knows how to handle them.

With the right women's clothing, a woman is invincible!

Women's clothes - elegant blouse


Women's clothes - elegant blouse with lace


Women's clothes are an expression of style, emotion and inspiration of every woman. Through clothes, we can tell at first glance the mood of a woman, whether she wants to be noticed or remain in the shadows. Women's clothes are the unspoken words of every woman, the first impression and request every lady makes.
It's not by chance that they say "Welcome through clothes." Clothes are exactly what we want people to understand about us, but we don't need to explain it in words.
Every woman has clothes in her wardrobe with which to play different roles in society and to "fit" them perfectly. Women's clothes are the message we give to others and of course there are unwritten rules about how to dress appropriately for certain occasions, for example if we are going to a business meeting we will not wear a formal outfit, and if we are on a walk in the Balkans we will not put on a cocktail dress suitable for an evening event.
However, it is good for every woman to have a few basic types of clothes in her wardrobe to help her choose quickly and be prepared for any moment, even an event she did not foresee. These are the clothes that we know fit us well and make us feel confident and free in our movements, in two words, comfortable clothes. Recently, it is very fashionable to talk about a "capsule wardrobe", which is basically a wardrobe with must-have women's clothes and accessories that can be combined in different ways and suitable for different occasions, so that ladies do not have to standing in front of the crowded wardrobe and not being able to make a decision.
Also, this new trend encourages minimalism and shows how classic cuts do not go out of fashion, investing in quality clothes, even more expensive ones, is actually an investment in time that pays off many times over. Here is an example of the mandatory women's clothes that every woman should have in her wardrobe:

-Women's leggings - the new classic for trousers, always available. Black leggings can serve equally well as the basis of an elegant outfit, combined with an airy tunic and high heels, or for a walk in the park, combined with a T-shirt and sports shoes. A true universal garment that "saves" the situation.

Women's clothes - leggings

Women's clothes - leggings with high waist

-Women's trousers - elegant, clean, which can be combined with a shirt, jacket or blouse. The model should be perfectly cut, made of quality, well-fitting fabric and in a neutral color that is easy to combine.

-Women's blouse - here the necessary clothing models are a little more. You need a few blouses in basic colors with long or short sleeves, a women's t-shirt and at least one tunic made of airy fabric. The women's polo shirt is a modern, elegant and warm garment for the colder days. Polo shirts are easy to match and look equally good under any cardigan, jacket or sweater.

-Little black dress- always available and preferably in a non-wrinkle fabric to wear in your everyday life, for special occasions or to pack in the suitcase when you are not aware of the travel program and you will have something elegant at hand just in case . Just by changing your hairstyle, shoes and jewelry you will have many different looks wearing the same dress.

Of course, these are just examples of the women's clothes in a "capsule wardrobe", which can be changed according to the style of each lady. The point of this new style and selection of women's clothing is to bet on classic cuts that are time-tested, look good on everyone and are always in fashion.

Women's clothes - polo blouse

Women's clothes - polo blouse


The SIA Underwear brand mainly offers knitted women's clothing in sizes from S to 6XL, made of high-quality fabrics, specially selected for you. In the development of women's clothing, the leading criterion is wearing comfort. We offer an individual solution for every lady, because quality and comfort are things we care about.

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