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The women's bodysuit is a mandatory part of every woman's wardrobe, especially during the cold months. Women's bodysuits can be worn as underwear or as an outer blouse, but certainly its most functional use is to protect a woman's back and waist. There are many varieties of women's bodysuits and with the advancement of technology in the fashion industry we see an increasing variety of models, colors, fabrics and combinations. Every lady can find her favorite model of women's body from a number of sites, brands, fabrics and patterns. The offer is really large, but the leading factor in choosing the most suitable women's bodysuits should be comfort, and the right choice of women's bodysuit model is to take into account the cut and fabric from which it is sewn. We often forget that the largest respiratory organ in the human body is the skin, and if it is closed in inappropriate size or composition of clothing, we will not feel good in our daily lives.

Women's bodysuit - comfortable underwear for winter





This article aims to guide you on how to make the most appropriate choice of comfortable women's bodysuit. We will share with you valuable tips on what to look for when you want to update your winter wardrobe.

As it turns out, the main purpose of women's bodysuits is to protect our backs and waists and give us extra warmth during the cold winter days. In many cases, however, women's bodysuits are an asset that we use not only as lingerie and fashion accessories, but also as a basic element of clothing, around which is arranged our overall vision. When choosing all types of women's clothing and underwear, it is important to note that the price is key. Yes, we can choose a model of women's bodysuits or underwear that is cheaper, but after a few wears and washes it is very likely that it has already lost its shape and qualities. In order to feel good in the women's bodysuit you have chosen, it is good to pay attention to the price-quality ratio. The sewing technology and the composition of the fabric are leading in determining the price. Cheaper proposals for women's bodysuits often include polyester in their composition or in their manufacture are saved some invisible operations directly related to the strength of the garment. All offers with the SIA Underwear brand for women's bodysuits are made of elastic cotton, delicate lace on a polyamide base or fabrics made of polyamide and elastane, with which your skin will be enveloped by the gentle touch of pleasant, breathable fabrics.

There are several main groups of women's bodysuits to choose from:


- Women's bodysuit blouse with short or long sleeves - casual or formal models, with collar or neckline, cuff or sleeve hem in an infinite variety of combinations.

- Women's bodysuits with thin or wide straps, finished as bikinis, bras or thongs at the bottom, with cups, sports ...

-Sexy women's bodysuits made of lace, tulle or mesh for a super erotic look.


After we focus on the model that suits us the most, comes the part of specifying the size. At SIA Underwear we adhere to European standards not only for quality but also for size. In our online store, on the side of each product you can find a table with dimensions and navigate the starting points - chest circumference, hip circumference and waist circumference. To be comfortable, the women's bodysuit must be the right size and tailored to your style and needs. It is also important to note the presence of strap regulators at all, models of lingerie with a thin strap.

In case you have difficulty finding information, you are not sure whether you have taken the exact measurement data or you have a question and want assistance, you can always contact us on our Facebook page or on the provided phones in the contact form. We will try to give you comprehensive information about the women's body you have chosen, we will answer your questions and we will try to keep you happy with your choice. If you are from Sofia or have a trip to the capital, you can always come to the place to see the women's bodysuits and choose the most suitable for you.



Women's bodysuit - short sleeves with lace




We all have a garment or underwear that we cut off the label before we put it on. Yes, these hanging stimuli are always there to "sting" us at the most inopportune moment, but they are set for purpose. Each item manufactured by SIA Underwear has a label attached with composition, size and recommendations for proper use. The truth is that women's bodysuits are often made of very fine fabrics and it is always right to look at how to wash it before throwing away or cutting the label.


One of the most important rules is that women's bodysuits should not be washed at more than 30 ° C. The high temperature is not suitable for fine fabrics such as those used in linen. This temperature is quite enough to wash the product and refresh it without damaging the quality. The best option for maintaining the linen and prolonging its life, of course, is hand washing, but we do not always have the time and desire to do so. In these cases, washing in a washing machine at the above temperature is enough! It is always a plus if you separate women's bodysuits and underwear in textile bags so that they do not get caught on zippers and other rougher clothes with external decorations and use the special program of your washing machine for underwear and delicate fabrics.

Another important condition for the proper use of women's bodysuits is not to bleach. Bleach or similar preparations are often quite aggressive and extremely unsuitable for this type of clothing.

Wearing dry cleaning will also not contribute to the longevity of your women's bodysuit, as the name implies that chemicals are used that are not particularly gentle on fabrics and it is not recommended to treat clothes or underwear that are in direct contact. proximity to our skin and cover most of our body.

In our hectic daily lives, we are increasingly accustomed to using the conveniences of more appliances such as a dryer, but it is contraindicated for linen in general, due to the high temperature. Women's bodysuits are often made of tulle and lace, ethereal fabrics with a high content of elastane. Both when washing and when using a dryer, high temperatures can contribute to damage to the small elastic threads on the bodysuit and damage its integrity.

Last but not least, ironing is not recommended. For the same reason, the high temperature of the iron can have lasting effects on your new women's bodysuit and ruin it.


Women's bodysuit - elegant blouse with long sleeves




Satisfied customers are our number one goal! In case you do not find the right model or size of women's bodysuits for you, you can make an individual order. We invest in new technologies and try to be always up to date to please our customers with the best! We have a CAD system and a designer who can design women's bodysuits to sizes specified by you! For more information you can contact us and create a masterpiece together!



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