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Gorgeous shapes are in vogue, or in other words, being a Plus Size can be an advantage.

In this category you will find products that are mainly made in sizes from S to XXL, but can be sewn to order up to 6XL. When ordering a larger size, the production time is 3-5 working days, after confirmation by phone. The price of 3XL and 4XL models increases by 25% of the base price.

The price of 5XL and 6XL models increases by 30% of the base price.In this category you will find products that are mainly made in sizes from S to XXL, but can be sewn to order up to 6XL. When ordering a larger size, the production time is 3-5 working days. The price of models over XXL increases by 30% of the base price. Each order is confirmed by phone.

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Fashion has always been a factor in the economy, and the catwalk dictates who will dress and how. Trends in how we look were and still are dictated mainly by the models we see on the red carpet and on magazine covers. Recently, however, we are seeing a change and a positive attitude towards curvier ladies. In the 60s Twiggy imposed the look of a skinny girl, in the 90s Kate Moss solidified this fashion and models gradually became thin and skinny, even designers at some point looked for "hanger" type mannequins to display their clothes... Well, we are happy with the fact that for several years now Renaissance bodies are back in fashion and healthy female forms are gaining popularity. Jennifer Lopez, whose butt is known for its luscious shapes, and Kim Kardashian paved the way for Plus size fashion, and we are already witnessing women's fashion that allows larger ladies to enjoy attention and beautiful clothes. Plus size clothing is gaining popularity and more and more brands are focusing on sustainable fashion and showing that different body types can look equally good in the same clothes.

Plus size - fashionable again

Plus size - fashionable again


The body positivity movement has taken over fashion and many clothing brands now offer clothes for curvaceous women. Plus sizes are no longer just L and XL and more places are finding collections in sizes S to 6XL which is amazing! From sportswear, women's plus size leggings, blouses and bodysuits, to beautiful plus size dresses are becoming trendy and available more and more freely in the market. Plus size clothing is now fashionable and more affordable, with a wide variety unlike before when plus sizes could only be found in specialty stores.

Plus size - clothes

Plus size - clothes for every occasion




"Beauty starts from the inside out!"

In order for the clothes to fit well, even in a large size, it is good to bet first on comfortable underwear in the right size.

We at SIA Underwear develop our new underwear models in sizes S to 6XL so that every lady can have a choice and feel comfortable and beautiful every day.

Plus size luxury lingerie we offer includes: Brazilians, bikinis, thongs, corsages... These are just some of the women's lingerie bottoms we offer in plus sizes - cut out high waisted thongs, deep or shallow models luxury lingerie, underwire , ethereal bikinis and corsages made of fine tulle and lace - all in maxi sizes up to 6XL.

In addition to bottoms in plus sizes, on our site you will also find corsages, women's bodysuits and plus size blouses, with which you will not go unnoticed

Plus size underwear

Plus size underwear for everyone



- Plus Size Tights - Reinforced plus size tights that visually slim and shape the body. Many women with rounded shapes choose this type of underwear in large sizes, as it is suitable for shaping the silhouette. High-waisted tight underwear gives a more elegant look and adds to the self-confidence of ladies.

-Plus Size Lingerie Bottoms – bottoms can range from plus size bikinis to plus size thongs, depending on ladies' preferences.

-Plus size thongs are a very sought-after style as they are cuter, can be easily combined with almost all bras and are often clean styles. When plus size thongs have a high waist and a well-cut leg curve, they visually elongate the legs. Bikinis are the most frequently requested model due to the convenience they offer as an item.

-Plus size bikinis can be made of cotton, sheer, or a combination of lace, microfiber, or fine tulle.

-Maxi Brazilians - the model that combines the comfort of bikinis, but offers a more modern, sexy and youthful look. Plus-size Brazilian bras are a must-have in the wardrobe of every modern woman with a hectic everyday life looking for comfort. Available in both low-waisted and high-waisted bras, they're a combination of bikini and thong in one, but they're super stylish and easy to match with a variety of bras from a woman's wardrobe.

- Boxer shorts in large sizes - boxer shorts are for ladies who prefer a sporty style and value comfort. Women's boxers have a classic look and depending on the desired effect, every lady has the option of choosing all-cotton, high-waisted, low-waisted, with lace or without.

Plus size leggings


Plus size leggings and petticoats agains rubbing

-Plus Size Functional Underwear- Recently in our plus size product list we offer plus size wedges and thigh bands, which are our summer super hit against chafing thighs!

Wearing plus size women's dresses is now possible without the redness and chafing of the thighs with the bands and boxer briefs from SIA Underwear. The thigh bands are available in sizes M to 6XL and are made of highly elastic fine lace with a beautiful design, reinforced with silicone bands at the top and bottom and follow the curve of the thigh at its widest part. They fit perfectly on the leg and stay there all day, and even if they are visible, they look extremely sexy - like a wide modern leg garter in a large size.

Women's chafing leggings are also available in sizes up to 6XL, with more variety there. Plus Size Women's Anti-Chafe Tulle Legging - This high-waisted model is made entirely of fine and highly stretchy polyamide-based tulle, with only the bottom legs made of elastic lace. The cut is made in such a way that the lace keeps the leg from rolling up when walking and it stays elegant. Many resourceful ladies use this type of wedge besides to prevent chafing of their thighs and to lengthen too short summer trousers.

Women's Anti Chafing Microfiber Lace Thigh Leggings - The model is very high waisted, has lace at the top which is reinforced with silicone tape to prevent it from rolling up on the stomach and at the bottom of the legs to prevent it from lifts up when walking. These leggings are a perfect choice for plus size leggings, in addition to chafing protection, and for lining under a dress or skirt.




Apart from plus size bottoms, we at SIA Underwear also offer plus size sets, pajamas and nightgowns because a self-respecting lady would like to look and feel good even when she is sleeping or at home.

The maxi nightgowns and pajamas that we offer are made in sizes up to 6XL and, in addition to bed linen in a large size, they are also an extremely beautiful outfit for the home.

The satin sets that you can find on our site have a beautiful print, a comfortable design and can be combined with a robe in the same satin, which is wide, falls heavily and fits extremely elegantly.

Plus size - satin

Plus size satin sets and bathrobes



At SIA Underwear, we value feedback from our customers and love to make you a part of creating new designs. We invest in new technologies to offer you up-to-date and modern solutions and are open to suggestions. In the event that you do not find your size in the size chart, you can contact us and we can create plus size underwear according to your measurements from an existing model or create a completely new boutique model especially for you.

Plus size - underwear for order

Plus size - underwear for order

We are expecting you!


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