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The lingerie evolution

We all wear lingerie daily, right? Do we ever think about the history and origin of ladies' lingerie? How did it arise? When and where did such drastic changes occur? Has it always been used as a seduction tool? So many questions, and we will answer them!

The path of ladies' lingerie, as we know it today, is not really short. Starting from leather skirts and fig leaves, and reaching luxury lingerie, which makes us feel unrepeatable and seductive, the history of underwear as an element of our everyday wear suffers incredible metamorphosis.

Everything begins in Ancient Greece. Vanity is the leading force in the world and then, and now, women have wanted to gather glances and have invented a way we are grateful for that.The upper part of the underwear originated in Ancient Greece. The ladies have used the "stronfium" - a strap of sturdy cloth with which they have pulled the bust underneath to raise and highlight their shapes.For the lower part of the lingerie, the Ancient Romans have developed the ideas of the Greeks and used fabric cloths. This fashion has passed quickly.

In the middle ages until the 17th century, the lower shirt was a luxury and such an accessory to its clothing used only the wealthiest. The dresses were dressed directly on the corset. At the end of the 18th century the beginning of the 19th century thin sleeveless shirts that could be worn by both men and women were invented and it was possible to wash and use them repeatedly. During this period, women began to think about new ways to model their bodies. Two terms that came into being at that time remain well-known: the so-called "corset" and "Parisian butt".  The  “Parisian butt" is a special wire construction that the ladies attach to their dresses to make them look more luxuriant and more rounded.
For the past 100 years, the look of lingerie has changed so much so that if we pick up a lingerie from then on, we could safely go for our own clothing today.
In 1900, the intimate clothing of a decent lady consisted of socks, pantyhose, shirt, corset, skirt, blouse, second gender, and all that was an indispensable part of everyday dressing before the dress was put on.
It was not until 1910 that the first US Lingerie ad was made.
In 1920, the dressing gown moved the fashion corset slightly and became an integral part of the lingerie. He was much more comfortable, he did not tighten, but he described the forms. The changes were imposed by the economic crisis during the First World War. Working women needed more comfortable clothes because they often survived the families and worked from morning till night.
In 1940, underwear became more and more bold with the boom of the variety shows and burlesque.

In the 1950s and 1960s, new and contemporary fashion solutions emerged. There have been more innovations such as brighter colors, different designs and even prints. The designers were intrigued by another field of expression and the women's underwear became fashionable! Christian Dior introduced the New Look style with an emphasis on the lush bust, thin waist and rounded thighs, and a conical bra that was then considered quite sexy and slightly weird today.
1960 is the year in which Bridget Bardot returned the fashionable bras, as we know them today. It is not accidental that the bra is named after it - "Bridget".

Revolutionary is the year 1974 for underwear fashion. Then Rudy Gernrich invented the ladies' thongs! His find was based on the slogan: "Less fabric, more flesh!". Ladies in Brazil have welcomed the new fashion. They wore strings even on the annual Fiesta, dressed in sexy cut out suits, a lot of makeup and carrying her favorite fashion accessory - the thongs.
1980 is marked as "The Era of the Top". Then the vest appears or, as we call it today, the "corsage". It is comfortable, modern, and today is an integral part of the ladies' wardrobe.

Nowadays, the corsage is used not only as lingerie but also as a part of the toilet in our everyday life. At that time, fashion houses surprise even the most discerning ladies, combining black with lace, satin and gentle, feminine models.
Underwear in the 90s and today does not have much development. The ethereal and transparent fabrics, laces are very interested. Bodies and bodysuit are not a trademark of intimate clothing alone, they no longer need another layer of cloth to cover them and are part of every lady's outfit.

Fashion is variable and always surprises us with new, provocative visions and patterns, and we do not mind.
We hope the article has been useful and You enjoyed reading it!

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