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5 tips for long life of the lingerie


We all love our underwear to look good, yet we do not know where and who will see it! 

We are aware that nowadays everyone has a hasty everyday life and can not follow all the instructions that are described on the label of any garment or underwear. Here we will give you tips on how to extend the life of your underwear!

• First of all, we'll start with laundry. It is always advisable to wash by hand, but when this is not possible, use the delicate washing programs of your washing machines. Do not wash at a higher temperature of 30 ͦ -40 ͦ degrees Celsius. For convenience and personal comfort, it is advisable to use bags to remove delicate clothes from the rest. Use sparing detergents.

• Do not iron your underwear. We know there are people who want to protect themselves from any bacteria. We also know that ironing of baby clothes is advisable, but here we will tell you something that you may not have thought of. In order for a lingerie to be elastic and to stay on the body, without being noted, the fabric is probably elastane. When ironing your underwear has a great opportunity to disturb the qualities of your fabric and your underwear become distracted or simply not retain its former look. If you are still worried about infections or infestation, we have taken care of - the hygienic piece of our lingerie is made of 100% cotton.

• For the same reasons listed in the previous section, we recommend that you avoid drying your linen in a tumble dryer. Even in a delicate tissue program, the dryer heats the fabric, and in many cases you will find small, delicate "eyelets" sticking out of your underwear. If we take for example some elastic jeans that we put into our drier many times, we will notice how the fabric has lost weight. We'll see how we get them out of the dryer, it's hard to get into them, and after two hours we're so relaxed that we need a belt to keep them wearing. Considering that underwear is much more delicate than fabric, you can imagine the consequences of repeated use of the dryer.

• Do not carry it on dry cleaning. Here things are simple, all the chemistry that is used to clean does not affect the matter, the color, and yet the linen is the most intimate garment!

• It is forbidden to use bleach! Bellina is recommended only for white, cotton fabrics. When the fabric has a polyamide composition, the bleach burns it! It is absolutely contraindicated to use any bleaching agent. Your clothes and your underwear may become stained, discolored, yellowish or blooming, or even become holes.

No matter how expensive, cheap, luxurious or daily your underwear is, we are sure you want to wear it and enjoy it repeatedly. We are convinced that these 5 tips are a sure way to lengthen your lingerie! We hope this article has been useful to you!

How many of these are you satisfied with and can you add more tips?

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